• Day 1:

Leave the city behind and immerse yourself in the Amazon. We will be waiting for you at the airport and transport you to the river port of Leticia. Public river transport is arranged to take you to the jungle community of Bocas de Amacayacu (trip 2 hours).

Our local guide will meet us at the mouth of the Amacayacu River before scenic one – hour boat ride to the cabin. This is the moment when you realize you are there, the tingle of finally being in the jungle.

Upon arrival, the hosts and owners of the cottages will welcome you and show you around. Traditional amazonian food and flavors await you at a much-awaited dinner.

After dining, we invite you to an amazing night walk to see the «stars» of the forest (lights shining on the forest floor) and connect with the sounds of the land of Curupira (mythical being and owner of the jungle).

  • Day 2:

With the cooing of the jungle you will wake up recharged and ready for breakfast. Grab your camera, insect repellent, sun block and swimsuit as we take a boat ride to the lakes of Tarapoto to swim and encounter the fame Pink Dolphins of the Amazon river.

On return to the cabins, we will have lunch in Puerto Nariño. Then, take a stroll around town to the lookout pint to see the relationship between the jungle and its people in its mystical splendor. Around sunset, we make our way back to the cabins.

Expect a delicious dinner and ancestral stories of the Ticuna tradition, before getting some rest.

  • Day 3:

After a delicious breakfast, prepare your clothes for a walk through the jungle forest. You´ll head to the community of San Martín de Amacayacu by trail that takes an hour. As you walk, the guide will note the transition form primary forest, secondary forest. Along the trail you also come across the chagras a rotational cropping system, an ancestral tradition.

Lunch will be taken at a restaurant in the community, where you can taste the flavors of the Amazon, particularly the Ticuna cuisine.

You will share time with elders of the Ticuna tradition in a participatory workshop production of handicrafts. Here we offer you a bonus os COP$30.000 in crafts and take home souvenirs.

Return to the cabin is around late afternoon. After the boar ride, we make ir back for dinner to share stories of the jungle before bedtime.

  • Day 4:

After breakfast and your promise to return, we will head towards the Bocas de Amacayacu, where we will go by express boat to the Leticia.

Once back to Leticia, a brief city tour by van (2 hours) around Leticia and Tabatinga – Brazil, so you can explore, do some shopping and run errands before flying to Bogotá.

If more time is needed for the vehicle rental, this shall be covered by the parties concerned, at an additional cost of COP$25.000 per hour.