¿Do you dream to live an unforgettable experience in the Amazon, knowing the forest and its cultures?, then come with us, this plan is perfect for you and your group of adventurers.

TOUR: 4 days / 3 nights: for the family or groups of friends seeking adventures in the Amazon.


  • 3 PAX: U$ 450 per person. Without translator US$ 384 per person.
  • 2 PAX: U$ 538 per person. Without translator US$ 443 per person.
  • 1 PAX: U$ 860 per person. Without translator US$ 669 per person.

Additional night approximate value: U$ 115 per person.

*We can give you a great discount on the price of the plan, for groups for four or more persons, and also if anyone in your group speak Spanish.

Other things you should consider for your trip:

Check other plans for you to choose the one than best suits your interests:

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